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Predict and achieve greater outcomes

Populous is a company information database, business intelligence tool and data analytic platform. Populous visualizes over 4.5 billion data points which includes company & director data, company financials, 3 level consumer segmentation data, corporate structures , credit ratings, traffic data, map data, residential/commercial property data, FCA data, company mortgage data, census data, location data and more.


About this tool

The Populous tool allows you to research into companies using over 100 different criteria, allowing you to pinpoint important information needed to make financial based decisions.

What is inside Populous

  • Company financial's, UK GAAP format, back dated info up to 4 prior years
  • Subsidiaries and the percentage held by the parent company
  • Industry research
  • Adverse filings
  • Company charge information
  • Company advisor data
  • Credit rating & financial strength indicators
  • Directors/officers and contacts
  • FCA approved person information
  • Three level market segmentation data
  • Ons data
  • UK Census data
  • Geographical information
  • UK Traffic data
  • Business directory

How it helps you

Populous is easy to use and helps you navigate information quickly and easily.

  • Find information by using over 100 criteria's over multiple years
  • View industry analysis reports created by our data science team
  • Visualize financials with the Populous Data Driven Document library
  • Get a quick view of a company’s credit rating
  • Monitor and track companies using our alert system
  • Search a company’s structure in and find all companies with the same parent
  • Create reports from over 4000 variables
  • Create leads and prospects, enrich your CRM system, create prospect lists and develop your accounts


  • Populous covers over 3 million companies in the UK and Ireland
  • 100,000 FCA approved individuals
  • Millions of Land registry records dating back to 1995
  • Millions of ONS records and three level segmentation data